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Hi, I'm Rob. I'm a developer based out of New York City. I like making things.


Chaos Chess

A full-featured chess application designed with the modern player in mind. This Progressive Web App has been optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience whether you're online or offline. Key Features: Real-Time Multiplayer Support*: Engage with friends and foes alike in live competitive play. (*Note: Multiplayer support is not currently functional, as the WebSocket server has been taken down due to costs.) Custom Game Engine: Running on a WebWorker, ChaosChess's unique engine ensures that the AI thread operates independently from the UI, resulting in smooth and responsive gameplay. Multiple Game-modes: In addition to traditional rules, explore several exciting variations aimed at providing variety in gameplay.

Idea Square

A platform of tools aimed at group and individual productivity. 1. "Decisions" - A democratic platform where groups can prioritize and vote on actions by allocating points. This system allows users to effectively rank each action relative to the others, making collective decision-making transparent and efficient. 2. "ThoughtMaps" - A multifaceted group to-do list armed with an extensive feature set including task assignment, dependencies, sub-tasks, and more. The innovative "recipes" function offers reusable and shareable collections of tasks, perfect for generating frequently repeated activities such as shopping lists. 3. "ScoreKeeper" - Forget the pen and paper when keeping score in games. ScoreKeeper effortlessly tracks and maintains game scores between players, recording a history of past games for review and posterity. Scores can be inputted by an individual, by each each player, or by a combination of both, all the while being syncronized across each device.


A multiplayer-enabled game of Go, built on the same codebase as Chaos Chess. AI with multiple difficulty settings available.


LiveDemo of using spatial partitioning to efficiently handle collision detection among thousands of independent objects.


React Hook designed to provide robust WebSocket integrations for React applications.
Boilerplate React App with simple npm scripts to set up everything required to start working with Rust and WebAssembly
Promise-based ORM to interface with IndexedDB

Works in Progress

Chess Platform

A chess platform supporting several chess variations, including one that I am designing: Chuess - A thrilling twist on classic chess, it retains the time-honored rules of the game but adds an element of mystery by concealing your opponent's last move. This intriguing dynamic forces players to think not only about their own strategy but also delve into their opponent's mindset, crafting moves based on educated guesses and intuition.


LiveA digital reimagination of a beloved childhood activity, this project uses HTML Canvas to bring to life a dynamic landscape filled with stick-figure soldiers. Engage in the nostalgia as you draw and watch these playful warriors duel it out on the battlefield, all within the confines of your web browser.



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